“You can do it! Can’t you?”

“You can do it! Can’t you?”

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When someone says they are suffering from low self-confidence, it is not cured by saying, "You should just trust yourself more!". Repeating these clichés is of no use to anyone. Poor self-confidence is the result of not living a life of their own appearance. Pretending, explaining, denying facts and one’s own thoughts, feelings and just bullshitting, eats self-confidence as it does with confidence in general. Lying to yourself doesn’t necessarily get you caught, so it’s easy to keep doing that. It’s harder to let go when it comes to all sorts of shame and guilt, but when you start telling yourself the truth, life changes.

When you’re confident, you don’t have to spend your unique life wondering what others might think of me, where do I fit and will I be accepted as for who I am. Self-confident people feel free to let others see who they really are and not having to maintain an image of something they should be.

And that’s exactly what this brand is all about. Eero’s story is a great example of real life.

"If I find myself ok with myself - and with what I do, it doesn't matter to me what others think of it."