About undies

We did not settle for making underwear the way they have always been made. We looked for (and found) the best possible yarn and wove it into a first-class fabric that makes the perfect material for making underwear. The material we use is made of abandoned fishing nets and other industrial plastic waste that should not end up in the oceans. As it is not commonly used yet, the material cost tends to be high. But although the purchase price for us is more expensive, we wanted to take the risk. Fashion brands cannot afford to waste resources and promote fast fashion, instead we need to invest in even more ethical materials and ways of production. Traditionally undewear brands use primarily cotton for their products, with pretty steep environmental impacts (about 10 000 litres of water per kilogram of cotton). 

So why is it worth paying more? Those who have bought from us know what they have got and made strong testimonials in favour of our underwear. Product and customer satisfaction rate of almost 100% tells you something.

Most of our customers have been addicted to our underwear at once, because these just dont feel like anything, not when you’re wearing them, or not on your ecological conscience.

Genuine TODG underwear are made in two European countries: the yarn is made in Italy and the fabric is woven and the product finalised in the best factory in Europe in Portugal, a country with a very high level of know-how in textile industry. Asia and Turkey are not options for us, because everything we do has to pass our ethical and moral standards.

Yes, they really are. And the material for the thread includes also other industrial plastic waste that would otherwise end up in fragile nature or waterways, if they were merely dumped on landfill sites. Now Nylon6 is separated from them and that is the purest possible raw material for us. There is an entire section devoted to this on these pages, for those of you who are really interested in this.

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The environment protection organisations say that the number of washing times in general should be reduced, but we think that having clean and fresh underwear is already an environmental act as such.

We are not guessing, since none of us has any experience in dermatology. The material itself is soft and smooth, but for instance one (1) customer suffering from eczema found that the material was not suitable for them.

If you have bad experiences of synthetic fibres on your own skin or suspect that it might worsen the irritation of your skin, it is perhaps better not to try.

We are sorry that we don’t have a more rational answer to this question. The product and the material as such don’t contain any chemicals that would irritate the skin.

No, since the temperature in a tumble dryer is easily over forty degrees Centigrade, and excess heat destroys the fibre – the underwear lose their flexibility and after that everybody feel bad. On the other hand, they don’t need to be tumble dried either, since the fabric dries rapidly even in room temperature. The busiest of us put them on straight from the washing machine.

For someone with a bad sense of humour this would provide a fruitful growth platform for an answer that would play around with the old story about underwear with two colours. But we don’t hear that now.

A good question. I’m sure there are users for those as well, but so far they are just a wet dream on our designer’s drawing board. If there is sufficient demand, everything is possible.

About responsibility

Wwweelllwwelll. We don’t think you can make so straightforward conclusions. Our underwear are made of recycled, or more exactly regenerated, polyamides.

Every time plastic garbage is discussed, microplastics are brought up. Microplastics are released from textiles made of synthetic fibres such as polyester, fleece or acryl. Fleece is the biggest baddie of synthetic fibres, since the upright brushed fibres are so weak and thin that whenever you wash them up to 200 000 microplastic particles smaller than five millimetres are released.

The share of microplastic of world’s oceans’ plastic waste is about 10 percent. According to research by the Finnish Environment Institute, about 99% of the microplastics that are released when products made of synthetic fibres are washed, are purified in the waste water purification plants such that they don’t end up in the waterways.

When we examined our own role as a microplastics badass, we learned that there are washing bags whose aim is to prevent microplastics from ending up in the waterways while washed. 

As a funny curiosity, the washing bags are made of the same material as our underwear. It’s a little like having two condoms on top of each other.

And let us add that cotton has its own share of problems too, even if it is labelled organic. Over 10 000 litres of water per one kilogram of cotton is just not sustainable, since in those places where cotton is grown water is also needed for food production.

Nope. According to other environmental clothing brands the best washing bags are made of 100% polyamide. In other words, exactly the same substance that our underwear are made of. Talking of prevention by the way, it is quite similar to having two condoms on top of each other. But that’s just a matter of taste as well.

About ordering

It’s our responsibility to make the best underwear in the world. It is your responsibility to make sure you buy the right size clothes. We offer a size chart that anyone who can read can use to figure out the right size. Using a tape measure saves time, money and nerves both on your end as well as on ours. If you don’t trust the tape measure or your own experience and remain uncertain whether it is the right size after all, order just one pair. Don’t make an order for three or six pairs. If you cannot properly concentrate while ordering, try this: inhale, exhale, inhale –> continue the order when your thoughts are clear again.

If, despite this, you end up ordering more than one pair (for instance three pairs) and want to change them all for bigger or smaller undies, please be advised that our satisfaction guarantee only applies to one pair. This means you get refunded for one pair. One hundred days satisfaction guarantee is NOT equal to one hundred days change guarantee.

When you order a gift card, make sure that you give your email address and that it is written correctly. We are pretty sure that hmail, gmali, ouylook and htmai.l are not valid domains. We’ve seen all of these.

It’s also possible that your inbox is so modern (like the updated gmail) that these commercial messages are shown on different tabs (adverts, promotions, social, updates, whatever), different classes or even in the spam folder.

So, before you hit the roof, check these first.

Talking about underwear, right size does matter a lot. Not too fit, not too loose. The perfect fit is what you choose.

Underwear should streamline your physique. It is advisable to follow the size recommendations, but your body type makes an even bigger difference. Comfort is at highest when your underpants fit you perfectly. If you wear a little bigger or a little smaller pants due to your gut feeling, the undies don’t function as they are supposed to, and during use you will encounter unwanted characteristics (for instance rolling, sliding down, riding up in to your A**).

Sure we do. Finns are getting special treatment in finnish at theotherdanisguy.fi and rest of the world outside EU are served at theotherdanishguy.com.

We don’t waste time for nothing, normally the orders are handled within 1-2 business days and delivered for transportation by our logistics partner as soon as the order has been processed. 3-5 business days is quite a typical time window. Just before the holidays, like before Christmas Season and Father’s Day, literally everybody is out there buying underwear, so also our staff may get a little bit busy and sweaty, although we are employing a house full of very committed and hard-working people in our dispatch department.

Hey PLEASE! Sorry, but no. You cannot try on any undies in a normal store either. If you are undecided about the colours, whether they look nice and how would they look against your skin, we recommend a colour analysis. Sounds dull, we know, but we have absolutely no use for used underwear – and once the package has been opened, we cannot put the undies on sale again. In other words, we do not take back used ones, even if you tried them on only once.

Before we get the used underwear resales department functioning in Japan, we recommend getting familiar with the content that can be found by following for instance this link.

Of course, it is possible that there is no such a huge demand for used men’s undies, but nothing stops you from trying.

Believe us, we did not make up this question just for fun.

First. We are not selling used underwear. There are specific sites for those who find that attracting. Not that we are judging, let all flowers blossom.

Second. It would be pretty bad for business in quite a few ways to resell a pair of used underwear. Product returns are counted in per mil (not drunk) and those few returns come with a valid reason for the return. Typically, it is a product defect, in which case the product is sent back to the factory for quality control, so that we learn to minimise the mistakes whatever their cause is.

So you can rest assured regarding this as well: the products we sell are always new and prime.

We chose to sell these only online to keep the touch to real people and their demands. And on the other hand, you cannot try any underwear on in a physical storefront either. 

If you intend to buy more than 25 pairs at once, contact us. The artificial intelligence pricing robot working at our checkout is responsible for the price advantage of smaller order quantities.

About money back guarantee

No. If you genuinely don’t like them, it’s totally ok to return them and get refunded. But just a couple of points for clarity. We are committed to full refund of the purchase price if:

- you contact us within 100 days from the purchase date. That time is enough to figure out are they good or not. 

- you contact us at the address team@theotherdanishguy.com and ask for a refund. Don’t use any other addresses, even if you have a hotline to the CEO.

- you return the products you ordered and that were delivered to you back to us*

*the return should be received by us within 7 days of you making the return notification, i.e. from the moment when you told us that you would like to use this possibility.

What fits one does not fit another. Reading the reviews by our customers you may build up the courage to make your first order. One hundred days satisfaction guarantee is created to make your risk as a buyer as small as possible. This applies to just one and just the first pair, and this condition is meant to reduce our risk. It makes no sense to go all out and start testing your own underwear satisfaction level by buying several pairs. One pair  for testing is enough to figure out if this underwear brand suits you or not.

We want the products back so we can analyse if there is something potentially wrong with them and so we are able to develop the product and our operations further. 

It is worth noting that we do not refund the postage. To get a refund, use a courier that gives you a tracking code. Without the tracking code it is impossible to say whether the package ever reaches us or anyone else for that matter, and we don’t have a possibility to take the responsibility then. 

Underwear that have been damaged by external factors do not qualify for the refund policy. In other words they have been mistreated either purposefully or little less purposefully (i.e. washed in a concrete mixer, eaten by your dog OR girlfriend who uses brace, rubbed with sanding paper or Velcro etc.) We maintain the right to change, pause, or cancel the refund policy if we suspect abuse. And believe us, we are good at smelling that. If your intentions are sincere, there’s no reason to worry.

Just out of curiosity

The answer can be found on the video on our front page. For those of you too lazy to watch it, here’s the short version:

Once in New York, my friend's arse was chafed during a morning run in the Central Park, resulting in a monkey butt, requiring tons of vaseline, and finally the guy ended up “treating” his well-rubbed buttocks in the ladies’ room of a Manhattan club. He got caught literally with his pants down, understandably causing quite a bit of confusion in the female customers that witnessed the sight. The restaurant staff announced quite loudly that this sensation was brought to you by ”the other danish guy, who has some problems”.

Well, once we established that life without good underwear may suddenly take a turn towards worse, we decided to make really good underwear and name the brand after the event that sparked the idea.

See the story about the origins of the brand here.

Good question! Thanks! This is about natural sciences, and to be honest, I wasn’t that good in physics at school. I know the phenomenon that is referred to here, but we have not taken any kinds of measurements that would allow me to highlight the most important findings here. Myriad of people have used our products and as the number of customers has grown, feedback has not shown any mention of electric shocks produced by static energy. I find that to be a good thing.

This non-scientific answer ends with the adapted lyrics from the legendary Johnny Cash song Ring of Fire, where the writer might have experienced something of the kind.

”Chafing is a burning thing and it makes a fiery ring

And it burns burns burns burns the ring of fire the ring of fire

The ring of fire.”