(Not) Anyone can do a talk show!

(Not) Anyone can do a talk show!

Anyone can start a podcast or vodcast that resembles a talk show. But that doesn’t mean everyone should do that.

But we still had to try. We wanted to hear and share interesting stories and challenge people to reveal themselves as they are, literally. And that's what happened, 12 times.

Hence a special feeling bothered us all season: on the other hand, we’re on the verge of someone bigger, but something’s not right. It’s like having a dog licking your balls: it feels good, but somehow wrong..

Peoplehood is the bigger thing: when a person is comfortable with being who they are, they get connected to other people and it feels worth pursuing in this time.

But if you want to make as good a quality as Oprah or Letterman, you have to keep learning and seeking the truth. That’s what we do.




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