Season 2

Jarkko Sjöman

Season 2 - Episode 8

Bohemian something.

A personal branding consultant spends a peculiar and irregular life outside the establishment, and does not give a shit about what others may think of him. But is he a real bohemian? Is it OK to make art if you are thinking commercially at the same time?

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1: You can’t emphasize integrity too much, can you?

2: Stories and storytelling are huge trends, but what’s a story about?

3: There is no trust between people, if there’s no dialogue.

4: What should we think of personal branding?

5: The purpose of life. A small question.

6: Everything seems so easy when you observe it from outside, but only a few know how much work is being done in the shades.

7: Everyone must crack their own code of life.

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