A different kind of Christmas story

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What would the world be like if no one had to pretend to be anything else that they’re not? Timo Alarik Pakkanen is Santa Claus every day of the year, so his story as such is worth telling. He doesn’t take himself too seriously because that’s the way he believes to lose connection to people.

"Trust is the most important thing in humanity. And mutual trust only forms when individuals start telling the truth to themselves first. That’s authentic self-confidence and that’s when other people can trust it. If people don't trust each other, nothing can be accomplished. No one can do anything by themselves at any time."

For some, this Christmas story was too much. We received feedback for burning down the two national icons. It is outrageous to show Santa Claus himself appearing in his underwear on the steps of the parliament building.

You can only make the world a better place one self at the time.


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