Someone always gets their knickers in a twist

Someone always gets their knickers in a twist

You can interpret something from the number of feedback, but even more from their content. When we say “All kinds of people” we mean it.

You can have whatever opinion you want about our advertising. It's quite possible that it doesn't feel like anything either, but you can also be among those for whom it causes an adrenaline rush that feels like boiling water on your fingertips.

The word body positivity is often associated with us, because the pictures have featured a wide variety of people in their underwear. That is a misconstruction . This brand is about self-confidence, not promoting a single ideology.. Unfortunately, even good-looking clothes always have an exclusionary effect. We speak for the fact that people can accept themselves as they are. Not the way he imagines he will be accepted. There's definitely a difference.

Is the impression we want to give of ourselves to the outside more important than who we really are?

It's not easy to accept yourself, let alone let others see you as you are. It is even more difficult to appear in underwear photos for all the people. Every person already has enough conscious and unconscious biases towards themselves. But especially the judgmental opinions of other people can be frightening and even paralysing. Self-acceptance becomes more and more difficult. What if I'm not the right kind? What if I don't think straight, will I be excluded? Who has the right to define what is even right?

Underwear for all kinds of people means that no one is left out. Almost every person who has appeared in this brand's advertisements has caused an avalanche of feedback. All feedback has one thing in common: the person in question is always the wrong type, regardless of whether this person is a man, a woman, big, small, pot-bellied, no-potbelly - or what their ethnic background is. And, at latest the so-called standard body type is also wrong, because it does not represent "diversity".

Would it be completely impossible to give yourself and others permission to live a life that looks like yourself? And at the same time accept that there is no one right way to live and think about one's own physicality.

Behold the man! Always the wrong size, look and colour, uses the wrong words, makes mistakes, makes bad choices and represents wrong opinions. Too normal and too weird. Too much of everything. Each one of us.

Especially in difficult times, connection and mutual understanding between people is the basis of a safe society. Without contact with others, loneliness and the feeling of being an outsider grow and it can have unpredictable consequences. And self-acceptance is a prerequisite for being able to get along with other people. You can still think whatever you want about us - and whether standing behind such a thing is credible for a company that sells "underwear only". We still believe that the world will only get better one at a time.



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