Five things to pay attention to when buying underwear for women

When you decide to surprise your loved one with new underwear, there is a potential risk and a lot of difficult questions to which it is better to find the answers in advance. There are no absolute answers, but these tips will get you off to a good start:

1. Find out the right size

Women's panties look smaller in the box than they do on the wearer. Now we are not talking about thongs, but ordinary panties. Guessing one way or the other is dangerous. If you don't want to reveal intentions by asking directly, do background work and use resourcefulness. The most important thing is to get either an exact number or letter. The size marking can be found on the washcloth of the bibs.

2. Familiarise yourself with different body types

The definition of women's body types logically uses both the contents of the fruit basket and the regular alphabet. Research different body types online, for example, and determine the type of your loved one. Not all styles fit everyone. The most important thing is that the underpants fit well, regardless of the body type.

3. Sexy doesn't always mean lace

Any woman is just as sexy in boxers as she is in a lace dream. When you feel comfortable, it also shows on the outside. Lace and strings in the most sensitive areas may not feel comfortable.

4. Trust your gut

When you are in traffic with the most sincere heart and intentions, it will be noticed. Underpants can be compared to jewelry. That too is on the skin and reminds of its giver. If you're debating between a panty and panties, choose the latter.

5. There is always a gift card

If you want to play it safe, buy a gift card. And preferably not the cheapest possible.

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