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"No one wants to be forced into one mold"

"No one wants to be forced into one mold"

Satu found underwear that both looks and feels good on the skin. That's rare for a plus-sized atopian.

Satu Salonen, 30, from Lahti, graduated from the University of Applied Sciences as an industrial designer in the middle of the early summer heat wave. During the graduation day, he had time to panic-clean the house with two small dogs running on his feet, drive his parents who had traveled from Akaa around the campus, and enjoy a festive meal on the terrace of the ship's restaurant. The long and eventful day went perfectly with the other danish girl underwear under the graduation outfit.

"The underwear I tried really fit every situation."

She was wearing a Bouncy Boxer Brief made from 100% recycled polyamide and a Paramount Top bra. Both of them fulfill Satu's criteria for good underwear: fit plus size, don't roll out of place, cover the desired parts of the body and look good.

- I have quite a lot of bra equipment, and it has been difficult to find a bra that fits well and looks nice. The fabric of the top I tried on was breathable and offered enough support for everyday wear.

In his free time, Satu enjoys being outside with his dogs.

Satu needs beautiful underwear regardless of size and shape.

Like many other plus size women, Satu has also lost her temper in underwear stores. Sometimes it has felt like it is almost impossible to find underwear that fits you, fits well and is pleasing to the eye.

- A lot of granny-style, i.e. rather shapeless and unflattering panties are made for plus-size women. If you ever manage to find a nice and somewhat suitable model in a chain store, it might have a leopard print or unnecessary decoration. In the end, I mostly feel bad, Satu sums up.

This pisses him off because he wouldn't want to be compartmentalized because of his size. Satu, for example, is more comfortable in gender-neutral underwear than in super-feminine ones. However, that doesn't mean that he doesn't care what the underwear looks like.

- Women of all sizes and shapes should be able to find underwear that looks like them. No one wants to be forced into a single mold, he says.

Atopic skin makes shopping for underwear difficult

Breathable and airy fabric in underwear is exceptionally important to Satu. Namely, he has atopic and easily irritated skin, the symptoms of which make everyday life considerably more difficult at worst.

Depending on the season, the skin of the entire body becomes dry, itchy and patchy. In addition, Satu has a tendency to sweat easily for example in tense, which worsens the skin symptoms even more.

- I can't wear any material in which even the moisture caused by sweat remains incubating. If the skin is at an even worse stage, it is really difficult to find suitable underwear.

"Women of all sizes and shapes should be able to find underwear that looks like them."

Lace and similar decorative materials and loose bows are therefore not suitable for Satu's skin at all. He has also noticed that too slippery material irritates sensitive skin and increases itching.

That's why it was a positive surprise that the other danish girl boxers made of smooth fabric didn't feel like they were wearing anything. They didn't itch or trigger other skin symptoms, and they held moisture well.

- The boxers fit well on the inner thighs and the elasticated waist felt good on the skin. I felt good in them. It is important that such underwear suitable for many body and skin types enter the market, says Satu.

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