If you don't try, you'll never know.

When was the last time you tried something completely new - either by yourself or in a relationship? The mere thought of stepping into unknown territories can be completely foreign, not to mention the spontaneous plunge: it's better not to take any risks, because you've never done anything like it before and it's going to be bad anyway.

You can break the pattern without breaking anything valuable

You don't necessarily know how to express your needs even to yourself and you don't like to talk about them to others, because you automatically think about what others might think. Showing one's own feelings and needs might be considered weaknesses and that’s not very flattering.

It is not easy to show yourself as you are, if it has not been natural to you. And it can be just as difficult to let someone close, even though especially in difficult times, connection with other people is the foundation of humanity. Especially right now when new concerns are being served up in the news every day. Without connection to others, loneliness and the feeling of being outside grow and fears can become unbearable.

Instead of spending your time disapproving of what others are doing, worrying about the way the world is going (since you can't really influence this in any way) or how others might see you, maybe you should spend a moment thinking about this: How would I get in touch with my own self? Who am I and what do I need? Why should I be ashamed of myself or my thoughts?

When you dare to show yourself as you really are, you will set other people free from similar fears and notice that in the end no one will judge. We humans have much more in common than what separates us from each other.

So, how about trying something you've never tried before? A bit like these people in the pictures. And it is just as right to continue in the same way as until now, as long as it feels good to you.

Protip: this is also an easy way save money without jeopardising the style when it comes to party dressing