Strings Attached

If you always have to be perfect, you don’t really have time to be yourself. 

Behold, the woman! Too short and too tall. Too colorful and too pale. Too weird and too normal. Too many opinions and too few opinions. Using the wrong words and making the wrong choices. All kinds of people. Each one of us.

The Strong ones clear their way forward regardless of obstacles. The weak ones don't even know where they are. The strong can do anything. The weak know nothing and are unable to act. The Strong make it alone. The weak need help and ask for it. The strong feel nothing. The Weak show how they feel. The Strong don't make mistakes. The weak are so weak that they even admit they did. The Strong hold on. The Weak let go. NOT.

"It took a moment to realize that my children would accept me as I am, not as I should be. When I realized that I could drip into precarious moments in my life in a healthy and honest way to support my children, I felt the deepest security in my life. The kids also said they feel safe when I am exactly who I am. Those moments taught that the most meaningful thing is to be present to another, not to help or do anything. The key is to dare to live through all the colors of life and find people around you who are able to accept them. I am happy to find these people in my children.”
”It feels good to be able to comfort mom and talk about all the things in life. It brings confidence to know that whatever life has for us, we’ll overcome. Sometimes just a presence and a gentle touch are enough.”


What if being weak is actually being strong and being strong is about accepting weakness in oneself as in others?

If you don’t try, you’ll never find out.

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Hope, compassion, balance and renewal
Becoming is better than being