For all kinds of people

There are many strange, stubborn ways of doing things in the fashion industry.

First off, the clothes are designed for so-called normal or ideal bodies. Going to extremes, the ideal shape of models are reminiscent of long-term hard drug users or badly starving people from whom it is difficult to distinguish what gender they represent. Eventually, the finished garments are shot on top of flawless human bodies. It's obviously not wrong, but unfortunately it paints a pretty one-sided picture that is hard to find oneself in. Underwear photo shoots are no exception; an oiled figure is chosen as the model, preferably a well-known athlete who poses in an unnatural position, a dull look on their face, a gaze attached to the imagined horizon.

It sells the idea: "You could be like that too!" Although, you actually couldn’t - and maybe you even shouldn’t. It is not our job to educate what is right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy, beautiful or ugly. Our job is to make garments that are just right for all kinds of people, misfits like us or the ones you look in the mirror. When these were shown on television, alot of people found their own body type. When others wanted to expose their superiority mindset: "Take the fat and weird people off the telly!"

Next time we’ll do things differently and pour some quality oil on them.

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Skinny one

Almost anything goes here, even the one size smaller don’t matter, but one size bigger may cause underwear riding up. You might want to scale down one size just to make sure they fit perfectly.



Dad bod

When the upper body is bigger than the lower body, you need to be careful to not to buy too big underwear. It will only cause adjusting. What’s worse than being uncomfortable in the "hammock"? It happening in public. Even shameless adjusters lose with this.



Wide hips

They say never trust a man whose hips are wider than shoulders. We think it’s bullshit! These guys have bigger thighs and larger ass, so one size smaller is definitely a no go. There is a hight risk It will dig in to the groin and cause agony.



Big one

Undressing in public can be an embarrassing thing if your undies look like they’re from little boys’ drawer – or a piece of toga. This was the case until now. For big guys it is almost unbelievable to suddenly feel nothing. True comfort is not about having too much loose fabric around the hips. It’s the feeling.